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Trimming Basset Hound’s Nails

Basset Hound Nail CuttingIf you notice your Basset Hound has very sharp nails and they can get stuck when they are moving about their daily routine. Also, very long nails can actually hurt, when they are walking on them.

You can imagine how this might feel, if you think about how your own nails get out of hand sometimes if you don’t cut them. With the Basset Hound many people have their vets cut the toe nails because they don’t want to hurt their dogs. This is a good idea but you may want to learn how to do this yourself.

When you decide to cut their nails on your own you, will need a sharp nail trimmer for dogs and some styptic powder handy. The styptic powder works in the same way that it does when a man shaves. If he cuts himself, he uses a styptic pen to stop the bleeding. This is the same reason you keep it handy for your dog.

When you are cutting the nails you have to be very careful. You don’t want to cut into the quick which is the pink part inside the nail. This is the part that holds the blood vessels in your dog’s feet and the nerves. So, you want to be mindful of these so you don’t cut into it. This will become very painful for the dog and it will bleed.

Sometimes people have a tendency to cut nails of animals in the same way they cut their own. However, it is not a good thing to do for your Basset Hound. Since you can’t really judge how far the quick is down, the best idea is to cut a little of the tip at a time. Cut a small amount, and then cut a little more. Each time only cut a small amount so you can stop before you get to the quickly.

As always, this is something you should start if you get your dog as a puppy. This isn’t always the case and when they are older, if they haven’t had their nails cut before, they may be a bit grumpy about it. If you find them squirming and not wanting to have them cut, a good idea is to take them to the vet and have your vet show you how to do it easily.

Another idea is to use an electric nail groomer that actually grinds the nails down instead of cutting them. Some pet owners find that this is a better way to go. Some dogs may not like the sound of this tool, but it is easier on the human and you don’t have to worry about cutting to close. You can find one of these for about $40.

Trimming your Basset Hound’s nails is a weekly occurrence. You may want to combine this with brushing but we suggest keeping each of these activities short.

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