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Book Reviews: Five Top Basset Hound Books

Basset Hound's Health ViijWhen you are looking for books about training or other information for your Basset Hound there are several places to find this information. For this review we have picked five books we like that will help any Basset owner:

Book 1: The SitStayFetch – Dog Obedience Training To Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems by Daniel Stevens.

This book is a book put together by a dog trainer who has identified several common behavior problems for dog owner and created a course to help with them. His website is a testimonial for this book and gives you details about what it is about.

Book 2: Dog Care Secrets by Andrew Lewis.

This website is actually a series of books about dog food and how to take care of your dog without feeding it commercial dog food. The website itself is like a horror story telling of all the terrible things that happens to dogs and how commercial food is killing them. We warn you that the website is pretty graphic, but the books may be worth the read.

Book 3: The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health by Malcolm Fields.

This is an essential guide to dog care that is very important for any owner. It will help you identify common dog problems that you may see and tell you what to do at home. The book covers everything from your dog’s physiology to how to groom for best results. It is one of the few books with illustrations in full color. Hopefully these dog book reviews would help you to become a good basset hound owner.

Book 4: Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems. By Cesar Millan. Available at Out of 661 customer reviews, 589 gave this and other books by Cesar Millan five stars. (20% discount at Amazon when this is written)

Many people know Cesar Millan because of his popular TV show, The Dog Whisperer where he shows people how to work with their dogs. The basic premise of his TV show and books is that people have to understand that dogs are dogs and they must be treated as such. He shows people how to become the pack leader for their dog and help them take their place in the pack.

Book 5: The Basset Hound Owner’s Survival Guide (Owner’s Guides to a Happy, Healthy Pet) by Diane Morgan. Available from Amazon. 60 out of 61 people gave it five stars (It is discounted 20% when this review is written).

This is a must read for any new owner of Basset Hounds and any old owners as well. This gives lots of good information about living with a Basset and talks about the intimate relationships that people build. This book not only tells you what you need to know, but it gives you more than book knowledge.

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