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Professional Breeders

Best Basset Hound BreederBasset Hounds are a lovable and intelligent breed of dog and many people want to buy purebreds. If you are interested in doing this it is important to find a good, ethical bassett breeder.

No matter what type of dog you purchase, you will find that there are the professional dog breeders who are great with their dogs and with their breeding and others who are unethical and care more about making money from their dogs than giving you one that is well.

You also will find many people who call themselves breeders when in actuality they had one litter of puppies and they may not know who the father was for their litter. There are many things to be careful about in these transactions.

Here are some things to know about ethical, good and professional basset hound breeders:

1. They breed dogs only when both dogs are healthy — a responsible breeder will make sure that both dogs have been tested for any medical problems. They will test Basset hounds for the specific illnesses that they are prone to.

2. They breed Bassets with good temperaments — they make sure that both dogs have a good temperament so that the buyer has a dog that is even tempered and friendly.

3. They don’t breed closely related dogs — they know that there are genetic problems that can occur with Bassets; they make sure that the pedigrees are different.

4. They sell their puppies from their own homes — True breeders will sell their puppies from their homes and they will be the puppies they bred. Some unethical breeders will sell their puppies through pet stores and or brokers, which means this is a puppy mill not a proper breeder.

5. They are willing to give you references — they will give you references of other ethical breeders as well as other satisfied customers for you to check before you purchase.

6. They love their puppies — they love their puppies enough that they have them involved in other activities like obedience, rescue or agility training. In other words, they do more with their puppies than breed them.

Basset hounds should always be purchased from a reputable breeder and never from a pet store. Dogs that come from pet stores usually come from puppy mills where the most important thing is to breed the dogs for money. You will get a dog but you won’t know what you are getting.

Any dog you purchase from a qualified breeder will have papers, called the pedigree information that will tell you who the parents were of the dog and any important information about shots and other challenges you might have with your dog. When in doubt ask other Basset owners where they purchased their dogs. Always remember that a professional basset hound breeder can be your great source of getting a puppy.

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