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How to Take Care Basset Hound’s Healthcare

Caring for Basset Hound's HealthBasset Hounds like any other dogs have needs for vaccinations and routine checkups. If they see a veterinarian on a regular basis you can be sure to spot anything that may be a problem for their health.

Most Basset owners find that having routine checkups that include ear care, eye care and dental care will provide enough assistance for their dogs. These kinds of things are good regular maintenance and body checking for any dog. When you know what you need to do both at home and in your vet’s clinic you can avoid most of the problems that basset hounds are prone to and keep them healthier.

One suggestion is to find a veterinarian with experiences in basset hound that you like and build a good relationship with them. You can rely on your vet to schedule regular checkups for your dog, provide the correct vaccinations, provide you with tips on how to take care of your dog at home and give you options of what to do if something serious should arise.

Usually Basset puppies are vaccinated against regular canine diseases between six and eight weeks old and there are other dog vaccinations they will need that are specific to Bassets. If you purchase your Basset from a breeder be sure to ask for their health care records.

Caring for Ears
Because they have long floppy ears and these ears are heavy, they tend to produce and hold moisture. You should always check the ears and clean them regularly–most vets will tell you when and offer a special solution that you can use in the ears. Keep an eye on the ears for any odor or brownish discharge. If you see your dog scratching its ears or holding their head to one side these may indicate ear problems.

Caring for Eyes
Since your basset hound stands low to the ground they are susceptible to getting dust and pollen in their eyes. Because they are curious and part of the hound family, they tend to put their faces into things that are not necessarily good for them. To care for bassett eyes it is a good idea to clean them once at least once a week. Your vet can recommend or give you a sterile eye was to use with them. Keeping their eyes free of debris can stop other problems from developing.

Dental Care
Although many people don’t know this about dogs, all dogs need to go to the vet for dental care periodically. They need to have their teeth cleaned like humans because they accumulate plaque too. Many vets will recommend that you brush your Basset’s teeth daily too to prevent the buildup of tartar — otherwise this can lead to periodontal disease.

Knowing what to do to keep your Basset healthy is the first step in responsible dog ownership. Your lovely basset hound will thank-you and appreciate for it and give you lots of kisses.

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