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Facts about Basset Hound

Facts on Basset HoundIf you are a Basset Hound lover or even if you are not, we have compiled some very interesting facts about them. Many people may think that the Basset hound is a strange looking dog, but actually this is so that you will love them. They are a breed of their own and love people.

Bassets love to be petted a lot and they enjoy all types of people. They enjoy working but they also enjoy playing with their friends. They are a group of solid dogs bred to hunt rabbits and when they get the change they are very good at this feat.

The fact about basset hound is that it has a short and shiny coat which allows them to use it in any condition. Rain and snow will fall off their backs and they can withstand some heat. However, in hotter climates you will want to keep them inside during the heat of the day.

Basset Hounds were bred by the English aristocracy because they wanted an animal that would hunt rabbits. They were able to get these hounds to work much more effectively than horses. Usually the rabbits were frightened away by the sound of the horse’s hooves pounding on the ground. The Basset that we know today is a descent from the St. Hubert hounds in England.

You might also see some “doggy jokes” from Bassets, because they have a great sense of humor. We are not sure how this works exactly but many people say they do.

You might not know that the wrinkles on them and their long ears actually have a purpose. Both of these help them hold in scent when they are hunting. This can be good and not so good because if they aren’t hunting they have a tendency to pick up some very smelly scents.

If you want a friendly dog that works well with small children the Basset is a good choice. They are patient and tolerant of small children and get along well with other pets. In fact, they prefer having another pet friend if their humans are away; with no friends around, they have a tendency to howl until someone comes back. They also are very affectionate.

Although in many breeds of dogs you will find that males or females have a better temperament this is not true with Basset hounds. Whether they are male or female they are good to have around. The males do not have the tendency to mark their territories unless there is an unneutered male around. These dogs are very easy going.

You can get a purebred Basset Hound for about $350 or more, but you can also find them in shelters and in other places. Because of their tendency to drool many people get rid of them. If you buy from a breeder make sure they are AKC registered and have all the paperwork for the dog you are interested in.

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