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Toys, Treats and Dog Supplies

Basset Hound ToyWhen you first purchase your Basset Hound and bring it home you may wonder what the heck to do with it. Yes, they are warm, cuddly and cute, but they are also very intelligent and not like other dogs. What works for some may not work for others. In order to help you choose, we have created a list of some of the most popular products, toys and treats that we know Basset Hounds love.

Toys for Basset Hound
In the toy category Bassets like anything that they can chew on and wrestle with. Here are a few:

1. Nylabones — these are better than rawhide chews because they are more like a regular bone. They last long and provide hours of chew time. They clean the teeth and they have both edible and non-edible bones.

2. Plush toys that make animal sounds — as long as the toy makes a sound that can’t be removed from the toy. Many Bassets love these because they can throw them around and play with someone or by themselves. Ollie the Blue Octopus is a favorite of many Bassets, and you can find it at Amazon. There, it is called, the Kyjen Jumbo Blue Octopus.

3. Laser pointer — okay, so this isn’t really a toy per se and it actually means that you have to play with your Basset but you can do so from an easy chair or the couch. This is one great way to get your Basset exercise. The laser pointer can be found at any office supply store. Move the red dot around the room and your Basset will love to chase it.

Pet Treats for Bassets:
If you are giving treats to your Basset make sure you do this in moderation. They are prone to obesity and feeding them table scraps or other treats all the time can cause them problems.

It is better to feed them a high quality pet food and ask your veterinarian about the types of treats to give your dog. Table scraps don’t have the nutrients your dog needs and they have empty calories which will add to weight gain.

Rawhide chews are okay if they are compressed but some types may put splinters in the stomach which cause more problems. Also treats like pig ears, chove hooves and other things are controversial because we don’t know where these treats come from.

Most breeders give either compressed rawhide chews or a good hard dog biscuit.

Basset Hound’s Dog Beds
Although your Basset Hound will tell you that the couch, the bed and anywhere else they choose to lay is okay for them to sleep on, your best bet is to get them a nice dog bed and have them sleep in it. This way they aren’t encouraged to climb up on something which can be detrimental to their joints.

You may find more dog supplies, toy or treats for your basset hounds but make sure it is suitable for them.

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