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Common Basset Hound Illness to Watch

Healthy Basset HoundJust like any pure bred dog, Bassett Hounds are susceptible to certain illnesses. Most of them are due to their short stature and their floppy ears. You can be ahead of the game though if you understand what they are susceptible to and what to look for. Much of what you do to keep them healthy can be done when you do regular grooming.

Although your Basset Hound is very muscular and looks like they can do a lot you have to remember that they are short and their stature lends itself to injury depending on what they do. It is a good idea not to have them doing a lot of jumping or running a lot because this has a tendency to lead to arthritis.

Torsion is a type of ailment that comes from twisting the stomach or sometimes the stomach ends will flip. As you can imagine this is very uncomfortable for your dog and can lead to the death of the stomach. If your dog stops eating for any reason it’s a good idea to take it to the vet to see what is going on.

One way to stop stomach problems is to feed your dog more than one time a day instead of giving a large meal. This will also keep them from bloating which is another illness that happens. Bloating usually happens when a dog eats too quickly and takes in a lot of air and water. This is not good for them.

Some of the other health problems, sickness and illnesses that your Basset Hound may encounter are:

  • Glaucoma
    Just like in people this has been a concern for Bassets. You can tell that this may be happening if they seem more sensitive to light, their eyes bulge or you see that they are rubbing or scratching their eyes. This may indicate pain.
  • Eye lid and eye lash problems
    Some Bassets have a challenge with their eye lids turning in or out which causes their cornea to dry out. This is something to talk to the vet about and it can be fixed through surgery.
  • Intervertebral Disk Disease
    This is where the disks in their back may herniate and it usually is caused from dogs jumping very high or low. Bassets should not be jumping at all because they are so short in stature.
  • Ear Infection
    You’ll find your dog quite prone to ear infections. It could be caused due to yeast or bacteria, as the bassets long ears tend to retain moisture making it a haven for yeast and bacterial infections. Consult with a vet immediately for proper diagnosis.
  • Obesity
    You might imagine that Bassets would be susceptible to obesity especially if they don’t get enough exercise. Their joints and bones can’t take the extra weight. They should walk daily and get a chance to place in an enclosed yard. This will help them stay trim.

To prevent your Basset Hound from becoming ill it is a good idea to make sure that they have regular vet checkups. Make sure they get their immunizations and that you follow the vet’s directions. This will minimizes the basset hounds probability of getting sick and stay healthy all time.

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