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Common Basset Hound Disease

Basset Hound's SicknessBasset Hounds are some of the most interesting dogs that you will find. They definitely have a face that only a mother can love but they also are very sweet. The challenge is that just like with any dog, Bassets are prone to some common diseases.

Some of the main problems that they have are due to the way they are constructed. Because they are low to the ground they have some structural problems. Because they have long floppy ears you have to watch for ear infections. There are also a variety of other challenges.

However, if you take your dog to the vet regularly you will be able to catch anything that may come up. Many Bassets live long lives if you take care of any health needs on a regular basis.

Some of the common basset hound diseases to watch are:

Luxating Patella
this is a condition that may happen because of the Basset’s extremely short legs. As they are running, playing or jumping you hear a yelp of pain and then their leg seems to seize up. They also limp a bit and everything seems to go back to normal. However, this may be more than a little problem.

You might see this in older dogs and it looks strange because the leg is pointing in a rearward direction. This is something to be attended to quickly so that the condition doesn’t get worse. If unattended your dog can have problems with lameness, arthritis and poor mobility.

Basset Hound Obesity
Because they are so short, obesity often is a problem for Bassets. The key is to help them get exercise on a regular basis. You will need to take them out in the yard or to a dog run and intentionally exercise them.

This is a disease that you will want to watch when you get a Basset puppy. Usually this will be shown as a rotating lameness in puppies up to 18 months old. Often this disease is misdiagnosed and the veterinarian may offer surgery as an option and it may not be that serious.

The challenge with this disease is it happens quickly and no one really knows why. It comes on suddenly and is often misdiagnosed as hip dysplasia. The only way to help these situations is through drugs that alleviate pain. Aspirin, Cortisone and other pain relievers will help in this situation.

Other than these diseases it is a very good idea to watch your basset hound for other symptoms of other issues. Always check their eyes, ears and teeth to make sure that everything looks okay. If they start scratching their ears or they stop eating, these are indications that something is wrong.

Prevent your basset hound from these diseases and keeping them healthy is a good way to insure that it gives you years of fun and love. They are very loyal dogs and they love to be loved.

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