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Social Life

Basset Hound SocializationBasset Hounds are such cute and cuddly dogs even if they drool a lot. Many people love them and we associate them with many cartoon characters that we’ve known and love. Some people find that they want a Basset as an additional dog but they are not sure whether this will work.

We can tell you that most of the time Bassets are great with other dogs. In fact, since they are very pack oriented having other dogs in their life works very well. This is especially good when an owner has to be away because Bassets tend to need companions.

If you don’t know it already, Bassets are natural hunters so they do this all the time. They should never be out by themselves without supervision because they can get a scent and follow it wherever it takes them.

Bassets were used to hunt rabbits and this meant they did it in packs. Because of this, they are very laid back and affectionate. They love children and other dogs because they see all of this as part of the pack.

Bassets also need plenty of exercise and walking them is perfect especially if it has an animal to walk with in addition to their human. They enjoy lots of company because it makes them feel more a part of a pack.

One of the reasons why Bassets make good companion dogs is because they are even tempered. You should know though that although Bassets get along with children well, they may not be a good choice if you have small children because they tend to want to ride it. This can create skeletal problems for your dog.

Also, Bassets tend to need a lot of care and can seem very much like dealing with a toddler. It is better to wait until the children are a bit older when they can take some of the responsibility for care.

Bassets are very intelligent too and they like to make us laugh. At least that’s what we think because they are so funny and sometimes act as though they are trying to get us to laugh.

When you add a Basset puppy, just make sure that any other animals in the house don’t try to hurt the puppy when you first bring it home. It may be a good idea to have a way to introduce them that is non-threatening to both dogs.

As an example, it is a good idea to keep a Basset puppy in a crate when you first bring them home to help them feel secure. This is also the easiest way to train it to go to the bathroom. You can create a space where it can feel and be safe, and the other animals can see that it is not a threat.

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