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Basset Hounds and Obesity – How to Control It

Basset Hound Overweight ProblemYour lovely basset hound has been with you for a few years and although you have been told by your veterinarian not to feed it anything but a good dog food, you can’t resist his little face when he begs.

You give in and let your bassett have a few table scraps because after all, it’s only once in a while and the do is a part of the family. You notice that the dog is looking a little portly and at your next vet visit your vet asks you what you have been feeding your dog. How embarrassing!

This is one of the many causes of obesity in dogs and in Basset Hounds it can be deadly. These dogs have a tendency to be obese unless they are encouraged to do regular exercise. Just like some humans, some Bassets would rather lounge around and be petted than do a lot of exercise.

Basset hound can also over eat if you let them have too much food at one time. Many people are used to leaving a bowl of food down all day for their dogs, especially when the human is away at work. However, it is better to feed Bassets several small meals than one big one. Otherwise you can encourage obesity and other health problems.

When you feed your dog from the table it is getting excess calories that can lead to obesity over time. You may not think they are getting a lot and this may be true, however if you have them on a regular nutritional plan, that will be enough food.

As a dog becomes obese over time they will also be less motivated to do activity. Then just like in humans it will be difficult to get their weight down. For this very reason it is wise not to feed table scraps unless it is something your vet has created as part of a special diet.

Another thing to consider about Bassets is that they are intelligent being and they love being part of the pack. If they don’t have their pack around or another animal, they can become bored and start to eat because there is nothing else to do. Instead, it’s a good idea to create a regular feeding schedule for your dog.

Basset hound can also be susceptible to Hypothyroidism or Cushing disease and both can lead to obesity. It is best to check with your vet to have your dog tested if you suspect this may be a problem.

For bassetts, the excess weight can create problems with their spine and joints because their small bodies can’t take that extra weight.

Your vet is your best source for solutions to obesity and it can be as simple as changing the dog food selection. Each Basset hound is different though so you will want to check in if you notice a few extra pounds.

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