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Basset Hound Punishment and Reward

Reward for Basset HoundBasset Hounds respond very well to punishment and reward when training but there are certain techniques that work better than others. It is best to discover what works and start from the very beginning using these techniques.

You must understand that Bassets are very intelligent, sweet and loving. They can also tend to be the comics in the family. Many Basset owners talk about the doggy tricks that their dogs perform to make them laugh. Appropriate basset punishment and reward at the right time can always help you to achieve the result.

Sometimes though your Basset may develop a bad habit that you need to change and using a system of punishment and reward can be just the thing to do. However, you must look at this from a Basset’s point of view and not a human’s view. Many owners tend to put human traits on the dog which makes it more difficult to train. As an example, you will find that most people say Bassets are stubborn.

When you look at it from the Bassets point of view, they are just doing what comes naturally. Often, this happens because the human hasn’t established themselves as the pack leader and has allowed the Basset to lead. When this happens, and you try to tell it what to do, it responds as any pack leader would.

Some things that other dogs are able to do like climbing stairs or jumping off furniture is not something to encourage your Basset to do. Their bone structure and odd shape will not allow this and it could do more harm than good.

How you use rewards and punishments for your basset hound will depend on whether you are training your dog for show or just for home. If for show, we recommend finding a good professional trainer. If you just want to train them for home there are a lot of good books to help.

Reward vs. Punishment
This is another area where owners think like humans instead of thinking like dogs. When the Basset does something unwanted, the owner wants to use punishment. This can range from putting them in a room by themselves or putting it outside.

The Basset doesn’t have a clue why you are doing this and this can be more abusive than punishment. A dog only knows what you teach it to do. It doesn’t know the difference between “right” and “wrong” if you don’t teach them.

A better way to work with your Basset is through giving it a reward of a small treat when it does the behavior you want. They respond very well to rewards. All you have to do is reward when they are doing the behavior you want, and ignore the bad behavior.

Always talk to a professional trainer for more information about the types of treats, rewards or punishment that you can use train your basset hound at home.

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