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Basset Hound the Most Interesting Dog

Basset Hound - Popular DogYou either love them or you hate them but you have to admit that Basset Hounds are cute dogs. Okay, so they have a face that only a mother could love but they are sweet and they are lovable.

The origin of Basset Hounds is France where they were bred around the year 1500. Their job was to hunt slow hares and rabbits. The word Basset comes from a French word that means “bas set” which is a description of their low set bodies to the ground.

In England you may hear them called “Low set Hounds.” Bassets are used to hunt without horses. Rabbits get frightened by the noise that horses make so the hounds help the hunters get the rabbit without the noise.

When you look at a Basset Hound you might think it is kind of a dopey dog. Sometimes in cartoons they are depicted this way. That is far from the truth because they are actually very smart and they have agility when they run. You wouldn’t think that their legs would allow them to be agile.

Because they are so clever, they need training when they are puppies and a little more into their adulthood because they have a tendency to be stubborn. They are clearly a pack animal though. They love to be around humans and they enjoy having a clear pack leader. If you don’t define yourself as the pack leader the Basset will think they should take the role.

Many Bassets aren’t hunters and the way to distinguish which are and which are not is by the tail. Those who make great hunters seem to have the tip of their tail as white. This allows the human hunter to see them when they are hunting. Sometimes this is a difficult task.

Bassets are sometimes disliked by people because they drool. This is one of their traits that make many people get rid of them. They also shed a lot. However, they are a loveable dog once you get to know them.

The many rows of skin, that Basset Hounds have will hold scent. This allows them to be on the scent of a rabbit when they hunt — it keeps the scent for them. However, it also makes them a bit smelly and like the drooling you will have to put up with it.

Bassets are usually healthier than most other dogs though they have a tendency towards arthritis. You also have to watch them with their food because when they eat too much and drink a lot of water they are prone to bloat. You will also have to watch for any problems with their nose because it is close to the ground and tends to pick up things. Their ears are another concern and you will need to clean them a couple times a week with hydrogen peroxide and water. This will keep their ears smelling fresh and stop them from getting ear infections.

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