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Basset Hound Illness – Gastric Dilatation and What to Do

Basset Hound's Stomach ProblemCentral to Basset Hound health is the need for regular veterinarian visits. As they get older there will be other challenges for them that the vet can usually stop before it gets too far.

One of the challenges for Basset Hounds is Gastric Dilatation otherwise known as bloat. Because they are small dogs and have a tendency to take in a lot of air when they are doing certain activities, they can have difficulties with bloat.

While the exact cause of this bloat is not known, there are various contributing factors such as: trauma, overeating, genetic predisposition, presence of gastric neoplasm’s and abnormalities in hormone secretion. As gastric dilatation is a gastrointestinal disease, the nature of the dog’s diet, along with food patterns is said to be one of the potential causes of this disease.

One of the reasons you should know about Gastric Dilatation is because it can be fatal to your basset hound. What actually happens with this is that dogs will take in too much air, their stomachs will swell and it will rotate. When this happens it keeps air, food and water in the stomach. If this happens your dog will start to salivate, they may try to vomit without results, their breathing will increase and you will physically see that their stomach is distended.

This is one of the diseases that can be found on basset hound and that is so critical if you suspect that this is happening to your dog, you must get it to the vet immediately. Wasting time trying to figure it out can cause your dog’s death.

Your Basset Hound may need to undergo extensive surgical treatment in order to remove the gases surgically. This treatment involves returning the dog’s stomach to its original position. Most often, due to the very nature of Gastric Dilatation, your basset may require ongoing treatment.

Some of the symptoms of this Gastric Dilatation include: restlessness, excessive panting, glassy eyes, distended abdomen, Arrythmia amongst others.

There are several ways to avoid this situation and to take prevention. Here are a few tips:

  • Instead of feeding your dog one big meal a day it is better to split their meals into two or three. This way they don’t take in as much food in one sitting.
  • Do not allow them water while they are eating or just afterwards. You can put the water dish down about 15 minutes after they eat.
  • Keep stressful situations away from them while they are eating and afterwards. They need to have time to digest their food.
  • Check with your vet about the foods you choose — you want to feed only those foods that don’t cause flatulence.
  • If you need to switch foods, don’t do this all at once. Instead, do this gradually over the week.

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