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Basset Hound's HealthTo have a great and funny basset hound, it is essential to making sure that your dog is healthy all time. The basic care should be taken well taken to avoid any possibilities of sickness and illnesses.

To be a responsible basset hound owner, there are certain things that you should always know and learn. To keep the healthy, a regular check on the basset is necessary. The dog is prone to several common type of illness that you may need to learn and handle it in case the any health issues arise.

Common Illnesses to Watch
These are the list of common health problems that a basset may has.

Common Symptoms and Possibilities of Disease
The symptoms that you should keep an eye on basset hound. Whenever the symptom is shown, you need to response.

Common Basset Hound Diseases
The common health problems such as Luxating Patella, obesity, and Panosteitis.

Heath Care for Basset Hounds
Caring for basset hound health is crucial, specially on eyes, ears and dental care.

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