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Grooming for Basset HoundLearn how to groom your basset hound is vital to its health. By mastering the grooming techniques and skills in using different types of grooming tools and supplies, you may eventually groom your dog yourself without the helps of professional saloons. This will definitely save your money for your bassett for grooming.

Even basset hound has short and smooth hair, it doesn’t mean that your dog do not require grooming. A grooming at a regular basis may keep your bassett hound look great, clean, fresh, lovely, shinner and healthier. It may prevent excessive shedding, bad breath, and several disorders.

There are many ways of grooming your basset hound such as wearing with nice clothes, booties, professionally designed collars, body and coat brushing, nail cutting, bathing, and cleaning. It is a good practice to groom your dog at early age as it may enhance your bond with your basset hounds. I’ve shared several ways of basset hound grooming and techniques that you can practice. I hope you can benefit from that.

Basic Basset Hound Dog Grooming
The basic grooming ways and techniques that can cheer up your dog.

Basset Hound Brushing
How to make basset hound love brushing and combing. Find out why brushing is important to bassett’s health.

Nail Trimming for Basset Hounds
Learn the nail cutting techniques for bassett without hurting them.

Bathing, Washing and Shampooing Bassett
Guide and techniques that every bassett owner should know in cleaning and washing their dog.

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