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Basset Hound Exercise: What You Should Know

Basset Hound Exercises and ActivitiesBasset hound exercise is crucial to your dog. When you first get your Basset Hound home you may see that it has plenty of energy, especially when it is a puppy. As the days go on you will find that they adapt to their environment very well. If you are a couch potato, they will become one too.

When you adopt a basset it is important to know that you may have to change your lifestyle a bit to accommodate their need for exercise. This is a dog that you can decide not to walk on a day when you don’t feel like going.

It is very important for a basset to have exercise because they have a tendency to be overweight. This is just a trait of the breed. They aren’t like other dogs however in how they exercise because they are so short.

Things like climbing up and down stairs or running long distances will not work for your Basset and these activities can do more harm than good. Better to play ball out in the yard or take them for a walk than to have them doing something harmful.

Basset hound needs a moderate amount of exercise and usually a moderate walk will be enough. You will also find that Bassets are very pack oriented so it is a great idea to walk other pets at the same time; your Basset will love the company.

In the event that you can’t walk very far, you can always get a treadmill and train them to walk with your supervision. They also do best with a small yard where they can walk around or play with toys in the yard.

You may find that sometimes your bassett doesn’t want to exercise. This is understandable but if you have built exercise into their daily routine, you won’t have this problem.

Another way to get your basset hound to exercise is to get involved with tracking programs. This also applies to their tracking abilities as Hounds. This can be a great way to exercise your dog in an environment with other animals.

It is not a good idea to job with your Basset. They are too short and low to the ground and their legs get tired quickly. They are not a jogging companion for this reason. In fact, running can be more detrimental to them because it can cause structural damage to their bones.

You can also build an area in your back yard where your basset hound can get plenty of exercise playing with its favorite toys. You can ask other bassett’s owners for the most effective toys that will help them get the exercise.

When you are working with your basset hound for exercises you will also get exercise which is good for everyone. Keep in mind that you are keeping your bassett fit when you do this and this will keep you motivated while you walk your dog.

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