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Keeping Basset Hound’s Ears Free of Yeast Infection

Basset Hound Ear Infection and CareOne of the most distinguishing features of Basset Hounds is their cute long ears. This is one way that people identify them.

One thing that new owners may not know is that the ears are also heavy and if they are not checked on a regular basis they will accumulate and retain moisture. This fact makes this area a fertile ground for bacteria and yeast.

You might wonder how this happens and if you watch your Basset you will see how this works. Their ears are long enough that they actually drag on the ground and pick up dirt. Add the dirt to the moisture and you have a ear yeast infection.

Regular cleaning of your Basset’s ears will generally prevent any infection. Check with your vet to find out how to clean the ears, but here are the steps for cleaning:

1. Gather your ear cleaning equipment — you will need a supply of cotton balls and an ear cleaning solution for dogs. You can get this from your vet or online. Doctors Foster and Smith can be found online for their solution.

2. Start cleaning the ears regularly — make sure that you incorporate ear cleaning when your Basset is a puppy. This way they will see it as part of their usual routine.

3. Start outside first — part of cleaning the ears is to inspect them with your eyes and your nose. Look around the outer part of the ear and around the floppy parts to make sure there is nothing irregular that you can see. The, flip the ear up and check the underside of the outer part of the ear.

4. Clean the outer ear — clean the ear using a cotton ball that has been dampened by the solution. Make sure you get any dirt that may be hiding in the crevices around the ear or in the small folds.

5. Clean the inner ear — this will be tricky but if you start when your dog is small this will be easy. You will need to get a little of the solution into the ear canal. You can either pour it in or if you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can soak a cotton ball and squeeze the solution into the ear canal.

6. Massage the ear while the solution is in it — you will want to gently massage the ear so you can loosen any dirt that may be hiding. Do this for about 20 seconds and then take a dry cotton ball and remove any debris or excess fluid.

7. Repeat the process on the other ear

You should clean the basset hound ears at least once a week to avoid the ear yeast infections. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself the first time, you may ask your veterinarian to show you how to do a basset hound ear cleaning or you can find video demonstrations on the Internet.

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