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Basset’s Club

Southern California Basset Hound ClubWhen you are the proud owner of a Basset Hound it is to your advantage and will help your dog if you get involved with a Basset Hound Club. They have these in many cities across the country and they are a source of all kinds of information.

The Basset Hound Club of America is a good place to start because you can get information about it on the Internet. This club was founded in order to encourage quality breeding for pure bred Bassets. They are the hub for getting a club started in your area and they will help you get started.

The work closely with the American Kennel Club and they are always present at field trials, obedience trials, and tracking tests to help people conduct them in a humane way.

Becoming a member of a local basset hound club can help you meet other Basset owners and find out where to get assistance locally if you have questions. It is also a way for your Basset to socialize since this is one of the major things they like to do.

Usually you will find out about events in your local area and even if your dog isn’t participating it is a great way to meet people. At their websites you may find “everything Basset” meaning they may have links to all kinds of wild and wacky kitsch that goes with being a Basset owner.

Many of their sites also have rescue information about dogs in the area so if you are looking for a pure bred Basset this may be a place to look. Becoming a member of a club can also help you meet people from all over the world since there are conventions and other types of events.

In the local area you may have special days at the Dog Park or meetups in addition to regular trials and tracking test. Of course it really depends on how immersed you want to get in the Basset Hound culture but most people say that once you one you can’t help but get involved.

One thing you can say about Basset Hound owners though is that they are a happy bunch and they are very helpful. Many owners have blogs that tell you more about them and their particular dog so this may be another reason to check out a club.

All basset hound clubs govern themselves through a code of ethics that you must read and agree to comply with if you join. Fees will vary and are generally between $15 and $30. You also can join a club just because you are interested in Bassets; you don’t always have to be an honor yourself.

Joining a club can help you get out and around other Basset owners and your Basset will get some exercise.

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