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Basset Hound Brushing

Basset Hound CombingBasset Hounds are great animals and they must be groomed on a regular basis. Although their coat looks like it wouldn’t need it, you will need to brush it regularly because they shed. The rule of thumb is to brush them weekly.

You may find that during the hotter months in the summer you will need to brush them once a week and during the fall or winter you may only need to do it once in awhile. They usually shed less in the colder months.

Brushing is necessary because it removes dead hair and skin and helps its coat get the natural oils to keep him feeling well. Additionally, a regular combing can stimulate blood supply to the skin, remove dead hair, dirt, and prevent matting. Brushing your Basset Hound is easy because most of them love the attention. A hound glove works for this very well.

The key to getting your Basset to allow you to groom it, is to start when they are puppies to get them used to it. Start brushing your basset hound at early age is a good way to have good bond with your dog. If you get your dog as an older dog, be sure to start brushing them from the beginning. Start by being consistent with the brushing to establish a weekly patter. Also, keep the brushing session short.

The two basic tools you will need is a grooming mitt which is a soft glove with soft rubber tips. A tool like this will lift the dead skin and hair easily without hurting your dog. It also will bring up any dirt or dust that your dog has received from generally being out and about. You can also use a coarse washcloth, but it doesn’t work as well as the grooming mitt.

You will also want to brush your Basset from head to back and follow the grain of their coat. You’ll see this as you go along. If you see that your Basset needs a lot of grooming you may use a shedding blade after you brush it to make sure you get everything. However, this should only be used when you have been away from their grooming for a few weeks. Don’t use this tool for every brushing.

Your Basset Hound will probably be happy about the brushing if you make sure that you brush it all over. Of course, avoid brushing the eyes or other sensitive areas, but keep a few treats with you in case it lets you know they are uncomfortable.

When you are brushing you will also want to check the insides of the ears to make sure that they are clear. Bassets have a tendency to have ear infections so this is a good time to check while they are letting you brush.

You will want to firmly brush but not too hard. You can tell whether you are pressing firmly enough because hair and dirt should come up. If it doesn’t press a little harder but not so hard that you make your dog yelp.

Brushing your Bassett Hound will keep the coat shiny and free of dry skin.

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