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Basset Hound BehaviorBasset Hounds have few behaviors that may drive some people up the wall. However, they are also endearing behaviors to those people who just love them.

One of the basset bound’s behaviors you will notice right away is that they drool. This is something that can’t be helped. It seems that the male Basset Hounds tend to drool more than females. You will find that they will drool most often when they are feeling anxious or excited. Not all Bassets drool but you can find that some also can slink their drool so this is something to think about when you are getting one.

Basset Hounds act as an early alert system because they will bark when a stranger approaches. This might be the behavior of basset hound owner find it troublesome sometimes. Some will bark incessantly so you may need to train them not to bark. Some will respond if you praise them when they are barking appropriately and tell him “enough” when he has barked adequately.

Another basset’s behavior is common for all dogs which they will nip and bite sometimes especially during play, so you can expect this to happen with your Basset Hound. This is a behavior that is best dealt with right away. A good idea is to make a loud noise like a clapping sound so they will stop the behavior. This changes their focus and allows you to get them to stop the biting at the same time.

Basset Hounds are one of the breeds of dogs who hate to be left alone. They will howl very loudly and may do so for several hours if they are left alone. Many owners make sure that they have a second animal in the house to give their Basset a companion when they are gone.

Some Basset Hound owners will see that they inappropriately chew objects. If this is the case, it is better to redirect them to what they can chew and have several chewy toys for them to use. You can use a spray like bitter apple spray that you can get from a pet store to spray on your furniture. They do not like this taste and it won’t hurt your furniture or your pet. By doing so, you can stop the basset hound’s chewing behavior.

You also must remember that Basset Hounds are diggers, because they are bred to dig down into rabbit and other small animal holes. You may find that they do this in the backyard. This is often a sign of boredom. One of the ways to fix this is to designate an area where he can dig. You can set up a sand box and put things in it for your dog to find or designate an area where he can do this; remember this is a basset hound natural behavior.

Many owners complain that Bassets are a very stubborn breed. Often this happens when a clear pack leader hasn’t been established. Basset Hounds need their human to be a strong pack leader and set boundaries, this will definitely stop the basset hound behaviors that you don’t like.

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