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Basset Hound

Bassett HoundBasset hound is one of the most popular dog breed. It ranked in the top 10 of most popular dogs in America due to its special appearance, cute and well behaved temperaments. With its short legs, long ears, and the way of them behaving and getting well with people, many dog owner seems to like them so much. It always well fits into a family as a good friend.

The basset hound is from France centuries ago. This is a hunting dog that was trained to hunt small animals in the past. Today many has this dog as a companion. It is well accepted in the community and recognized by American Kennel Club.

Bassett Hound Guide
Even the dog is a strong and sturdy dog, many things have to been taken into considerations to make sure that the dog is happily staying with you. The dog does not need special care however as basis care, trainings and exercises are the fundamental knowledge that a dog owner should know and provide to basset to keep them healthy.

We are sure that you may find many dog care articles that may help you to become a happy basset hound’s master. Taking care of bassett is not hard but need just a little practice and efforts.

Basset Hound’s Information
To understand and learn more on the general information and facts about this dog.

Groom Your Basset Hound
Guide to bassett’s grooming techniques that the dog love it. Do it yourself.

Basset Hound Behavior & Ways to Control It
Study on bassett’s several behaviors and guide to control their bad behavior.

Health Care for Basset Hound
Guide to the symptoms and type of illness that the dog may has and basic health care for them for prevention.

Dog Training For Basset Hounds
Easy-to-follow guide in making sure that your dog is behaving well and listen to commands.

Basset Hound Puppies Buying Guide
There are 4 best places to find a healthier and cutest puppy that you may want to check it out.

Basset Hound For Sales
Ways to check for well bred basset, and where to find them.

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